dimanche 16 décembre 2007

Aggregating existing MD5 databases


The first entry point of the project, started in 2005 and dedicated to md5 hashes only, was to aggregate other existing databases. So in one query you could query several databases and then get more chance to recover a plain text.

So I begin to browse the web to find other similar projects. The external databases the project aggregates are given here below : AuthSecu has a real impressive md5 database, so my goal is to make huger databases ;).

The next planned databases to aggregate in a short future are - http://md5.benramsey.com, http://www.csthis.com/md5/ and http://www.hashcrack.com

If you know another database which "knows" millions of hashes feel free to drop me an email, I would be pleased to add it to my project.


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